BusinessTrends strengthens security of contract workers

BusinessTrends strengthens security of contract workers

In compliance with Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) policy on standardized contractualization, BusinessTrends conforms with the newly-implemented Department Order (DO) 18-A which ensures protection of contractual and/or project-based employees from labor exploitation. 

BusinessTrends (A Kelly Services Company) is engaged with staffing services which mainly employs contractual workers for a wide range of clients across all industries and specializations. With the granting of DO 18-A permit, companies, employees and applicants are assured of a DOLE-authorized staffing and consulting services from BusinessTrends. 

The issuance of DO 18-A certificate to BusinessTrends  implies that the company stands firmly on its goal to strengthen the rights of contract employees, as well as to protect the interest of the client, and in return imposing obligations on the company as a contractor. The order will also impose stricter requirements for contractors, subcontractors, and cooperatives to ensure only qualified companies will be able to operate. 

It will also require both the principal/client and the contractors, subcontractors, and cooperatives in honoring the full extent of the service contract, which will prevent them from cutting the services of their workers in short periods per year.

With this, companies are legally-protected in transacting business and engaging with BusinessTrends for any staffing service. The compliance of BusinessTrends to the labor policy guarantees the client that it has complied with the  standard in operating as a legitimate contractor. 

While, BusinessTrends ensures that employees and applicants are guaranteed with secured employment  through issuing proper employment contracts with the conditions stated under DO 18-A such as providing the specific job description to be performed by the employee;  the place of work and terms and conditions of employment, including a statement of the wage rate applicable to the individual employee; and the duration of employment that must be co-extensive with the Service Agreement or with the specific phase of work for which the employee is engaged.  

Moreover, BusinessTrends also seeks to provide to its employees all the rights and privileges stated in the Philippine Labor Code which promotes employment and encourages full compliance with minimum wages and general labor standards, including safe and healthful conditions of work, security of tenure, and self-organization and collective bargaining agreement. It will also entitle workers to social security benefits and government mandated benefits such as healthcare assistance, housing loan and access to social security loans.


Since the company has been accredited by DOLE, stakeholders are assured that BusinessTrends shuns labor-only contracting which is prohibited and illegal under Philippine labor law.