Skill up training for temp talent

Skill up training for temp talent 

With the aim to promote skill advancement among its technical temp employees, BusinessTrends  in partnership with Mechatronics Technologies Corporation (MTC), has organized a Technical Training Program to facilitate skill enhancement.

The seven-day program discusses and applies the concept of Mechatronics, the configuration, repair and maintenance of machines which mainly incorporates mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical skills.

The trainees undergo  the Technical Skills Development Authority’s (TESDA) Mechatronics NC II Curriculum which will discuss the concepts of control system, electrical components, motor control and troubleshooting, and programming applications. Forty-percent of the training will be devoted to lecture while the rest will be for hands-on application exercises.

Upon completion, all the trainees will undergo an assessment facilitated by TESDA. The participants will receive a certificate of completion from MTC and TESDA once they have passed the assessment. 

The certificate of completion for Mechatronics NC II will validate the skills and competencies of BusinessTrends’ technicians in order to ensure that its clients will only have the best talent to acquire. 

The program is also beneficial for the temp employees who are seeking for opportunities in skills enhancement to further boost employability and increase chances for retention.

BusinessTrends has invested in the program to meet the needs of both its clients and contract employees.  The program  promotes skills development within the organization and encourages temp employees to develop their skills and competencies.

MTC is a TESDA-accredited training and assessment firm which trains individuals in the fields of Mechatronics, Industrial Automation. The firm is also the training arm of Industrial Controls Corporation (ICC),  first Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems House established in the Philippines, specializing in Factory Automation and Instrumentation Projects.